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    pk Patents    (pdf format)                                          

1. US06046572 Battery operated appliance, flashlight and switching systems
2. US06222138 Battery operated appliance, flashlight and switching systems
3. US06276088 Firearms with target illuminators
4. US06345464 Firearms with target illuminators
5. US06378237 Firearms with target illuminators
6. US06439738 Battery powered portable electric light source systems
7. US06508027 Accessory mounts for firearms
8. US06609810 Illumination  apparatus with removable securable switch device
9. US06622416 Target and navigation illuminators for firearms
10. US06655069 Accessory Mounts for Shotguns and other Firearms


US06675521 Adjusting Orientation Offset of a Light Beam Generator.
12. US06761467 Light Beam Modifier Devices
13. US06841941 Brightness Controllable Flashlights
14. US06779288 Accessory mounts for firearms
15. US06895708 Accessory mounts for firearms
16. US06994449 Flashlight with securement capability
17. US07076908 Accessory mounts for firearm
18. US07083297 Flashlight with lens for transmitting central and off-axis light sources
19. US07116061 Brightness controllable flashlights
20. US07117624 Accessory devices for firearms
21. USD0534293 Flashlight Body Portion
22. USD0534294 Flashlight Body Portion
23. USD0534671 Flashlight Body Portion
24. USD0534672 Flashlight Body Portion
25. USD0544621 Flashlight Head
26. US07220016 Flashlight with Selectable Output Level Switching
27. US07241025 Switch Actuated Flashlight with Current Limiter
28. USD0544120 Flashlight
29. US07273292 Switches for Firearm Electrical Accessories
30. US07278764 Object-Attaching Clip
31. US07284875 Flashlight Attachment Arrangement
32. US07293893 Flashlight with Adjustable Color Selector Switch
33. US07310903 Accessory devices for firearms
34. US07325352 Accessory devices for firearms
35. US07332682 Switches for Electrical Accessories
36. US07334915 Searchlight Grip
37. US07334365 Accessory Mount for a Firearms
38. US07344270 Flashlight with Incrementing Brightness Selector Switch
39. US07360914 Handheld Tactical Devices
40. USD0572854 Flashlight Body Portion
41. US07438430 Light Beam Generator Apparatus
42. US07441918 Switches for Electrical Accessories
43. USD0578688 Flashlight Body Portion
44. US07517109 Flashlight with rotary head brightness control and detachable tailcap mount
45. US07549763 Clothing attachable light
46. US07549765 Flashlight with multistage switch and ARC lamp operation sensor
47. US07562484 Clamp mount
48. US07591098 Accessory devices for firearms
49. USD0605799 Flashlight
50. USD0606687 Flashlight
51. USD0615680 Lighting Device
52. US07669359 Machine Gun Accessory Mount Adaptor
53. US07677755 Variable Orientation Appliance Mount



All content Paul Kim et al.     

Paul Y. Kim.